homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto



Whew! Her eyes are done’t!



Whew! Her eyes are done’t!

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Though I tried, I can’t live without you.

I need you to be part of me.

Part of me.

And I smile when I’m right beside you.

Deep down inside I’m so lonely.

So lonely, but never alone.

So I was pumping gas and I heard some shit going down in the distant


Kids these days. Taking out phone booths and shit with their Yukons. itsmyvirginlife

Not a chance in hell!! 🎶Oh Oh its tragic! You know?🎶

when tumblr posts go wrong








the word gay is actually an acronym


actually doesn’t mind if

you’re gay










stop adding your own acronyms to this it was beautiful and now it’s not


Actually doesn’t mind if we add acronyms because 


im going to vomit on you

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My dog refuses to be anything but himself. itsmyvirginlife

Butch, the extraordinarily ordinary dog faces peer pressure.


The Flip Side (Bar)

Whew! Wish this was real life.

Experiments in Homonormativity

The pith of perceived masculinity is made irrefutable by the belief that if one has a penis he should conduct himself within a set construct of ideals and mannerisms. The pinnacle law of this belief mandates that a penis should only be used for heterosexual sex. It is saddening and hilarious that a large portion of gay men have subscribed to the ‘man bible’, as sexist as it is,  and omit the one law that condemns them. And you thought the Christians were hypocrites. No shortage of irony there. There isn’t any question that playing this game can earn you a better slice of the social pie, but be forewarned. Every game has it’s price.

I did a little experiment myself. Three months ago I went out with my guys to a popular night spot that we frequent and instead of being myself, as I usually am, I decided to put on a masculine facade. Not that the men at this bar are unwelcoming of effeminate men, or that I’m not attractive. Everyone just always seems standoffish and ‘clicky’, but this experiment would prove otherwise. So there I was, ‘BRO’ from head to toe. My friends were fully aware of this for I had traded in my fedora, skimpy tank, skinny jeans, and ankle-booties for a Ralph Lauren Polo, Pastel golf-shorts, and Sperries with a Sam Adams Summer Ale to boot. I was so serious! I told my friends to be on the look out for wandering eyes, and within five seconds of my microaggressive legspreading and crotch grabbing the weight and insecurities of the entire bar fell upon me. No joke. Glances, inviting smiles, touching, groping. One guy, who may have been a Greek god, even introduced himself to us, apologized for what he was about to say, and proceeded to tell me that I was going home with him, no exceptions. He even offered me Denny’s for breakfast. Classy right? I had seen the other side, and it kind of hurt. Preference has a lot to do with it, but so does trend. Our culture demands that we unsheathe ourselves with relentless exercise and be the Sean Cody model that is hidden within us all. Be the prototypical man. Aren’t you a man? Then be one. When did we stop believing that who we are is good enough? That the fight we fight is not against our own but against an idea that serves to dehumanize us? When did we start believing in this idea? Have we believed it all along? I can’t help but link sexism to this way of thinking. What other great sin has a feminine man committed than the sin of treason against the masculine gender construct abandoning his own for a more frivolous sensibility? Homonormativity, in all it’s insecurities,  would not exist without it’s grandfather misogyny.

Newsflash! Being too gay stops at being gay. You can be the truest form of yourself and someone will always call your bluff. Our culture, along with the human collective, is in dire need of a heaping dose of ‘I don’t give a fuck’. Who cares if anyone is more or less of anything than you? The truth is most do. Insecurity has not lost it’s prevalence. But I’m here to tell who ever is reading to stop giving a fuck. You will feel as if a load has been lifted from your shoulders as soon as you stop giving a fuck. You may not be strong enough to do this now, but one day, rest assured, you will run out of fucks to give.

Yes ma’am! Best six seconds of my year.

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